How many times do you call your child in a day?

  1. No cell-phone for them till they are 18.
  2. Once or twice
  3. Only if I need to ask something
  4. Never

How do you decide what to pack for lunch?

  1. Low sugar, high protein diet as per the weekly chart.
  2. I take suggestions from them but ensure its nutritious.
  3. I give them what they like so they are happy at lunchtime.
  4. I give them money to eat at cafeteria.

What kind of activities do your children participate in?

  1. Two activities we have chosen, 3 times a week.
  2. Activities that they are inclined towards but are futuristic in approach.
  3. New activities every semester to see what they like most.
  4. We do not have the time to supervise after school activities.

Does your child talk back or retaliate?

  1. Never
  2. They do on occassions.
  3. All the time, but they are speaking their mind out.
  4. Not more than other children do.

Would you let your child be a part of pet-projects outside of school?

  1. No, if it’s not required by the school.
  2. Only if I’m convinced the project will help in their development.
  3. Yes, if they wish to be a part of it.
  4. Yes, if I do not need to get involved.

How do you control your child’s internet use.

  1. They are not allowed to use computer unless for school project under supervision.
  2. We have a strict filter and allowed to use under supervision.
  3. We have some necessary filters but no constant supervision.
  4. They have their own computers and their own account.

What are your rules regarding homework.

  1. I insist it gets done at a certain hour in the day.
  2. I ensure its done, helping them when necessary.
  3. If they do it great or else they will face the consequences in school.
  4. They decide whether it’s important to do or not.

To find out what kind of parent are you scroll down.

What kind of parent are you


Type A : Authoritarian 

Authoritarian parents believe kids should follow the rules made by them without any rebellion or opinion of their own. Such parents don’t allow kids to get involved in problem-solving challenges or obstacles, make the rules and enforce them.

Not being obedient often have laid down consequences. Children of authoritarian parents suffer from low self-esteem and low confidence, either become hostile or aggressive because their suggestions were not considered valuable. They are angry towards their parents and often lie.

Type B : Authoritative

Authoritative parents have rules too and respective consequences, but they value their childs feelings and opinions. While they listen and negotiate, they ensure the child knows that they are the decision makers.

Such parents invest time and energy, positive discipline strategies to reinforce good behaviour, like praise and reward systems. Children who have authoritative parents are most likely to become responsible adults who feel comfortable expressing their opinions. They also tend to be happy and good at making.

Type C : Permissive

Permissive parents are lenient and forgiving. While they make rules, they don’t reinforce them or reinforce the consequences either. Permissive parents usually play a friends role in encouraging their children to talk with them about their problems.

Children of such parents struggle academically and socially. While this may seem like an appealing approach, children often grow up with low self-esteem, health issues and rebellions without a cause.

Type D : Uninvolved

Uninvolved parents tend to have little knowledge of what their children life or development. There are very few rules and the child is independent from a very young age to make their own decisions. Worse kind of parenting and children of uninvolved parents may not receive much guidance, nurturing, and parental attention.

Children with uninvolved parents are likely to struggle with decision making problems and self-esteem. They perform poorly academically and socially. They also exhibit frequent behaviour problems and rank low in happiness.

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