All children have their own unique mannerisms, style and traits, often incomparable to their own siblings, friends or classmates.

In order to effectively play the role of a parent, you have to understand the basic personality traits your child possesses.

We at Education Finders have put together a few tips to help you understand and enhance your child’s personality.

  • Make time to talk to your child

Communicating with them is key to learning more about what they think and how they feel. Show enthusiasm and ensure that you ask questions to create a dialog. With younger children that are less verbal, facial expressions and body language can speak a thousand words.

  • Observe their surroundings

As a parent you cannot be everywhere at once, however you can keep an eye on your child’s surroundings from time to time.

Children often mimic behaviour they observe in close relatives, neighborhood friends and young adults. Keep an eye out for specific negative behaviours that they might have been picked up.

Childs Personality

  • Extra-curricular activities

Remaining active helps develop children physically, mentally and emotionally. It teaches them to communicate, work with teams, interact with others and improves their imagination.

  • Steer away from labelling your child

Word like “shy, talkative, emotional, tough…” are often used by adults to describe children. Let your child grow into their own personality without the pressure to conform.

  • Set the example

As a parent you are the most influential figure in your child’s life. Be conscious of what you do around children, teach children through your own actions of kindness and empathy. It is also important to let your child’s personality develop into their own, and not an image of you.

Healthy personality development can be achieved through parenting that is sensitive and receptive to a child’s individual strengths and needs.

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