Have you been worrying about your child’s future and university applications? Would you want your child in IVY leagues on a scholarship? Do you stress about your child’s admission although they have fabulous GPA’s?

Here are a few extra-curricular’s you must encourage your child to be a part of from an early schooling that will give them an edge in their college and university application;

Extra Curricular Sports

Although a part of curriculum, to have an edge in a sport gives a big leap in an application. Most universities have Sports scholarship and hence encouraging their interest in sports is a must. Apart from university admission, sports in general gives them positive personality traits that will stay for life.

Encourage them to be a part of the student body of their school. It’s a great way of participating in school matters, representing the students and showing your capabilities as a leaders. It enhances a child’s leadership and responsibility taking skills. College applications have an impact with such participation mentioned.

Extra Curricular Activities

If your child is talented and creative, encourage this skill as it’s rare and precious. Encourage them to be active in creative arts, like music, drama and visual arts that tend to be open perspectives, make them eccentric and force them think outside of the box.

Most schools don’t have this but if you could find a local community center to enroll you child in volunteering work, nothing will make a better impression on college admissions office or job interview. Also they learn empathy and responsibility as a part of this program.

Including them into culture clubs will reveal the compassion your child should have for others. With all of the focus on anti-bullying campaigns, universities value students active in promoting diversity and culture. Such clubs demonstrate a child’s willingness to learn about and accept others, while creating awareness for those who may be different from them.

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