A child’s future is the best investment any parent can make. For parents living in the Middle East, who are considering a UK boarding school, there is no better place to start than the UK Boarding School Exhibition.

Now in its 17th consecutive year, this well-established and highly regarded event is a good platform which provides the opportunity to talk to heads and representatives of up to 30 UK boarding schools.

The exhibition will be held on Friday 9th November ( 2 – 7 pm) and Saturday 10th November (11 am – 4 pm) at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Dubai Marina.

Education Finders speaks to Sara Sparling, Education Consultant of the event, to find out whats in store for parents.

What are the factors which make UK boarding education a hallmark in the field of education?

Families consider a UK boarding school education to provide stability of education if they move often. It acts as a stepping stone to university education because students are given the opportunity to gain confidence and independence away from home, but in a safe and secure environment. It also provides support for students with special education needs. The breadth and depth of support they provide is excellent. Apart from this, there are plenty of opportunities for students who are gifted and talented in sport, music, art, drama and academics.

What kind of education programs do you offer?

Schools are represented from across the UK including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. They offer a wide range of subjects and curriculum’s like (I) GCSE, A Level, IB, Btech, University Foundation Programme and more. There are also excellent facilities and a home from home boarding environment.  The types of schools include girls, boys, co-ed, prep, senior, independent college and state boarding schools.

What are the skill sets students can achieve with boarding education? How does this prepare them to face their future?

Life in a boarding school is excellent preparation for university and employment, as it provides many of the non-academic skills that employers are looking for. Students gain confidence, independence, are encouraged to participate in team events and take opportunities to be elected into position of responsibility.

Every parent wants to provide the best education possible for their child, so that they achieve their potential academically, gain independence and confidence and above all are happy! A British boarding education provides all of this, plus lots of opportunities to develop well rounded young adults prepared for the next step in life.

How long have you been conducting this exhibition in UAE?

Our first exhibition was in 2006. Over the years, we have proven to be a well-established and a respected event. We have given Gulf parents the opportunity to talk to the heads and representatives of reputed UK boarding schools. Families can get free, impartial help and advice from our education consultants on selecting the best school for their child.

For more information, visit https://www.ukboardingschoolexhibition.com/dubai-exhibition

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