While we cannot hold their hands forever and keep them safe, we can always prepare them with some basic safety rules that will keep them out of harm’s way.

Discussing general safety can get overwhelming for children, hence calmly bringing up the topic and taking them through some rules is where parent’s should ideally begin.

The best way to teach any skill is to practice it till they feel confident to use it on their own. If we want our children to learn to be stern and confident, we have to give them avenues in general like situations to practice them.

.If not, they will fail to develop these skills that they might need to look and sound determined. Instead, we must find opportunities for them to practice using strong body language and a firm voice so they can learn to defend themselves.

Having to go over do’s and don’ts can get the children either scared or disinterested. Teach them fun rules like a secret code between trusted family members only.

Let them not go anywhere or befriend anyone who doesn’t know the code. Teach them that kids can take help of adults but adults do not need the help of children and hence consider that as a danger signal.

Also never get tempted by anyone who offers anything, which only parents are allowed to give like candies or gifts.

Apart from these basics, they must know from a very young age that no one is allowed to touch their genitals or any private part of their body which is covered. Also they must learn their full name, your names as parents and both parents phone numbers.

They also must understand choices that they make of receiving and giving hugs, kisses and have the power to say no. Lastly teach them to trust their instincts.

More importantly, they need to know that you love and support them and will protect them in any situation. They should feel comfortable talking to any one or both parent about anything that may cause them discomfort.

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