It’s a generation of breeding do-it-all and that explains of constant need for immediate gratification.

More than half of parents I know find themselves pressured far earlier than when the school breaks begin. Summer break being the longest, planning ahead for the entire holiday can be daunting.

It turns out that the most important factor about summer break for parents was having quality family time.

Then why do we as parents take so much pressure regarding school breaks?

While it is important to keep your children active, teaching them something or experiencing other cultures and things, getting them a good balance of relaxation and culture. But finally its ultimately about children being able to show off in front of their friends when they finally get back to school.

Keeping children entertained at all times is what is keeping parents up at night and that’s not a good sign.

While learning skills is important, being able to entertain themselves is just another skill that is important for them to learn. Letting them get bored and restricting video game time is not going to hinder with their progress in life.

Not being constantly entertained will lead into keeping calm when not immediately gratified.

Let them help around the house, spend more time during meals and let them be. It’s not important to spend your holiday savings on summer camps and it’s okay to let them be bored while other parents may send their children abroad for camps.

At the end of the day, your child needs to live a balanced life and that doesn’t have to come at a high cost.

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