Education is not complete with sports. We at Education Finders try to find the pros and cons of sports being a part of your child’s school curriculum through a parent’s opinion.

As adults we all have different opinions and abilities, even children face similar dilemmas throughout their life. They encounter choices between pursuing what they are good at, to what they should be good at. This works both ways for Academics and Sports.

Sports Part Of School Curriculum

While some students are good at sports, they are asked to do better at academics to get into Ivy League colleges and students better at academics want to be the cool one who plays sports.

Some parents believe that schools must give importance to sports as it improves any pupil’s physical and mental health. Sports has the following benefits in majority opinions.

  • It enhances a child’s confidence and promotes leadership skills.


  • Sports helps physical attributes of our development like balance, hand-eye coordination, posture, stamina and general fitness.


  • Scientifically it stimulates happiness hormones, promoting positivity and well being.

Sports Part Of School Curriculum


  • It develops a sense of discipline.


  • Enhances skills like coordination, multi-tasking, time management, awareness that help in general success of a student, even academically.


  • Sports promotes healthy life long habits, patience and resilience and a success mindset.


  • Although more parents are pro sports in today’s fast paced times of developing global citizens, a few parents believe that focus on sports as a curriculum has taken away from academics.


  • Important subjects get lesser attention.


  • It doesn’t come naturally to some students and they are forced to act on it due to restrictions of curriculums.

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