Since all school curriculums are built around the concept of moving forward and finishing the paper/subject before deadline, its best to recognize signs of academic struggle as early as possible. These difficulties start getting worse over time since the subject/course moves forward as per planned pace.

How can you tell if your child is facing academic difficulties? Children don’t always like to talk about their school performance, especially if it isn’t good. Education Finder’s tries to list some of the signs you should look for;

  • Your child has suddenly started disliking school

Boredom towards going to school or being distant about the topic itself is a major give away. You know they are struggling in some-way of they do not want to discuss school. We need to dig deeper into their emotions about their school. Anger and boredom often result from not being able to understand what is happening in school.

  • Your child spends a lot of time finishing homework

Homework shouldn’t take up play time. Your child needs rest, play time and homework time routine and if any of the other activity seem to be taken up by homework, your child needs help.

Facing Academic Difficulties

  • Teachers complain about their attentiveness or behavior

Most simple give away is their teacher constantly complaining about your child. Academicians are trained to understand if a child is faced with difficulties in learning. Listen intently to your child’s teacher and try and get help.

  • Seems low and lack self confidence

A child facing academic difficulties will underestimate themselves and compare themselves often to their peers. They may even struggle making friends and have very few or not engage in extra-curricular activities.

  • Low grades

The easiest give away would be if your child is trying to study hard and still getting low grades. Watch your child’s report card, occasional low grades aren’t a sign but a report card full of low grades mean something.

Get them necessary help even if they aren’t able to open up about such matters. Most times, children tend to hide their difficulties as they feel embarrassed. Talking to them patiently and recognizing such signs is important so that you can get them the necessary help in time.


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