Is your child constantly stressed about studies? Does he stress about his performance in sports? Does she have sleepless nights over the upcoming science exhibition competition?

Your child has a different set of worries and they still do not have the maturity to understand mindfulness and meditation. Here are a few apps that will help relieve them from their constant stress and also make them aware of mindfulness.

Available on both Apple Store and Google Play store, this app is great for meditation and mindfulness. It has 7 to 10 days programs for anxiety, mindfulness, meditation, focus etc. Its free to try but comes at a minimal cost for complete features.

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🎧 SOUND ON! Listen to an excerpt from Calm’s new meditation, Meditation for Restful Sleep, by renowned author, meditation teacher and Calm Guest Instructor Elisha Goldstein (@mindfullivingcollective). Link in bio.⠀ ⠀ “Our overactive minds prevent us from sleeping. In this meditation we shift the focus from thinking to total relaxation of the body. We transition into using the breath to release any unsettling feelings of agitation, restlessness, or worry. We deepen our body’s overall restful state with abdominal breathing, holding the realization that there’s nowhere else to be, nothing else to do. We just allow our body to be as it is, in a natural state of relaxed awareness, letting us drift into a peaceful night’s rest.” — Elisha Goldstein ⠀ ⠀ #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #sleep #breathe #calm

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Designed exclusively for kids, this app is available on both Apple Store and Google Play store. Its free to use and has meditation activities like calming music, sensory exercises, meditation programs etc. Designed by child psychologists and educators, this app helps children balance and improve their mental health.

Meditation Apps for Children


Designed for middle school goers to beat exam stress, its is a guided meditation app with instructions on how to meditate. It’s a free app with additional features at a cost. Available on Apple Store and Google Play store.

Meditation Apps for Children

Once again designed especially for children, this free to try app guides children through programmed meditation, called “stories,” that build on previous ones. This app unlike others uses mascot to help children to focus and breathe. Available on Apple Store and Google Play store at a minimal cost.

Meditation Apps for Kids

Available on Apple Store, this app on continuous use guarantees development in social-emotional skills and benefit from improved cognitive outcomes.

Meditation App for kids

This is one of the pioneers in child meditation that uses cartoon videos to help teach meditation. It uses targeted and scheduled meditation that will keep your child motivated and help in sports, academic etc. Free to try but comes at a cost on both Apple Store and Google Play store.

Meditation App for Children


Designed by child psychologist, this app is focused to ensure your child feels relaxed. Uses various techniques like animated stories etc. available on Apple Store for a minimum cost.

Meditation App for Kids

As the name suggests, it’s a digital coloring book activity that helps children relax in stressful situations. This is designed for older children and uses patterns and colors to help children relax and calm down. Available on Apple Store and Google Play store for free.

Available on app stores or can be used on youtube, this is more of a theory than a specific app. Its sound vibrations help you relax, meditate, sleep and even recover from illness.

Reduces stress and maintains calm through fun activities. The fun games include guided calm and positive thinking through a lot of distractions. This is a clinically proven app free to use on both Apple Store and Google Play store.

Meditation App For kids

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