As a parent, you have a powerful influence over how your child grows up feeling about their body.

The smallest things that we do and say (or don’t say) can have a large impact on a child’s psyche. Young children and teens with a positive body image of themselves tend to be more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

They tend to eat and live healthy lives, without obsessing over their food or weight.

Positivity at home: As a parent be positive about your own body in front of children. Children model their parents’ behavior.

Self-compliments and being positive about your own body will send the right message to your child. If they notice you stressing out about your weight and food, they will then begin to wonder if they too should start dieting.

Love and acceptance: Over the course of a child’s life, their weight will continue to fluctuate.

Refrain from commenting about a child’s weight. It is important for a child to know that they will be loved and accepted, no matter what.

Health first: Don’t worry about the number on the weighing scale, focus on keeping your children healthy.

Ensuring that they are living a balanced life, getting the right nutrients and enough exercise or play. Teach them the importance of regular meals and making smart and healthy snack choices that will be beneficial for their body.

Misconception about the ‘perfect body’: Help your child understand the difference between what is seen online, in print magazines and ads versus reality.

Point out the beauty of diversity in people and nature – nurture the idea that beauty is internal and not just what you see externally.

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