Alef Education is a learning platform that has been helping teachers by providing them easy to use material that has reduced workloads.

Alef Education Online learning

Alef Education’s learning platform keeps students busy while also tracking their progress and work on the programme. In fact, a lot of teachers have been disseminating summer home assignments to be completed on the platform in addition to recommending it for supplementary learning materials. Alef Education was introduced in the UAE at a school in Abu Dhabi and has now grown to be an almost omnipresent brand especially during Covid-19. It is being employed by more than 120,000 pupils in 400 schools in UAE.

Alef Education

What was designed as learning support has evolved to become a primary entity used to conduct e-learning in schools because of the resources and the pre-prepared subjects on it. It has videos, interactive exercises on Mathematics, Science, English and Arabic, Social and Islamic studies for students between grades 5 to 11, that are in line with the ministry stipulated curriculum. The navigation is also extremely user friendly which made it easy for the teachers to adapt it quickly to their classrooms. Instead of spending countless hours creating videos and other graphically rich material to use in classrooms, teachers have been able to use Alef Education for exactly this while they are able to focus on students albeit the virtual environment.

Listed in Unesco’s list of education resources that people should check, this application is also on Dubai’s list of 20 solutions that have the potential to solve global challenges. The technology has also inspired students to suggest exercises and activities that can be integrated in the upgraded versions. The multiple quizzes and other activities after each lesson has made the learning experience fun for the students and have succeeded in enhancing their engagement levels.

Alef Education

Geoffrey Alphonso, chief executive of Alef Education, said “As an organization, we are very committed to growth outside of traditional curriculum subjects and learning. The platform is used every day for instruction and it has created a streamlined way for pupils to learn across all of their core curriculum subjects.”

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The application also tracks the work of both the teachers and pupils. This way interventions at the right time are possible for students who may need additional attention while also ensuring that students are still being challenged with the right content. The data offered is broken down clearly offering teachers insights regarding which students are strong or weak in which subjects.

This programme can be accessed by anyone looking for material to help with student learning at

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