Poor oral hygiene is known to be the most common cause for bad breath. You can try some of the following natural home remedies that might work in reducing bad breath. Most importantly ensure your kids follow a proper dental routine.


Water helps hydrate the body. Home Remedy

Staying hydrated is important to keep bad breath away. Studies suggest that lack of saliva could cause dry mouth, which is an ideal environment for the bacteria to grow. Children should drink five to eight glasses of water (not sugary drinks) daily to help saliva production. So make sure your child is drinking enough to stay hydrated.

Healthy Diet

Healthy diet is another home remedies to reduce bad breath

Reduce the amount of sugar that goes into your child’s body every day. Cut down on carbonated, sweetened drinks and snacks, including chocolates and candies. Also, include foods that increase saliva flow like brown rice, orange and dark green vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, and beans in your child’s meal plan.


Yogurt helps in good bacteria, great home remedy

Yogurt contains good bacteria that could help fight bad breath. Studies show that bad breath decreased by 80% in volunteers who consumed yogurt, than in those who did not. So, encouraging your children to eat a serving of plain, low-fat, and sugar-free yogurt might help control bad breath.


Apples in your daily meal plan

Research states that raw apples can oxidize the sulfur compounds (which cause bad breath) after eating garlic. This remedy might work if the smell of garlic lingers in your child’s breath.

Citrus Fruits

Oranges good for vitamin C

Citrus fruits like oranges can help in producing more saliva in the mouth. Eating one orange after lunch, or a grapefruit during breakfast can be good for the teeth.

Use these home remedies alongside any medical treatments prescribed by your doctor. Also, it is imperative that you maintain oral hygiene for these natural remedies to work.

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