His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, recently launched ‘Madrasa’, the largest free e-learning platform in the Arab world. A revolutionary concept, the platform offers 5,000 world-class Arabic educational videos on subjects including science and mathematics, and targets all levels of school students from kindergarten to grade 12.

‘Madrasa’ is the Arabic term for school. Inviting all Arab students to use the Madrasa platform, Sheikh Mohammed said: “My message to Arab students is: Education is your future and your weapon to navigate life. The project contributes to improving the quality of education in the Arab world and I call on all those who have the ability to do so to launch similar initiatives.”

The project stems from Sheikh Mohammed’s vision to foster education in the Arab world, ultimately bridging the gap in the quality of education provided across Arab nations and enhancing the overall levels of knowledge among their populations. In addition, the e-learning platform develops the educational system through establishing the ‘School of the Future’ concept.

Over 50 million Arab students around the world have access to unique educational material in Arabic at no charge at all. The project is the culmination of the ‘Translation Challenge’, an effort to bring volunteers together to translate 11 million words of educational content into Arabic.

Thousands of translators, proofreaders, designers, technicians and voice-over artists have volunteered for this challenge. It aims to complement the existing school system, enhance educational content available in the Arab world and empower future generations to utilize their knowledge, hope, optimism, positivity, and self-confidence to contribute to an enlightened society.

In the future, Madrasa will further enrich its content with new educational courses on subjects including Arabic language, computer science, engineering, programming, artificial intelligence and space science. The platform will also build synergies with relevant leading institutions to advance education on a regional and global level.

Madrasa’s minimal technical requirements and compatibility with the most common operating systems, such as Windows, Android, and Linux, enable users to access its free content across various electronic devices. The platform also features a variety of data storage solutions and search filters, allowing students to select information relevant to their level of knowledge.

Madrasa seeks to motivate Arab students to study scientific materials outside their regular school lessons through providing engaging and challenging content that encourages continuous self-learning, sourced and localized in line with the highest standards and international curricula. It also develops the learning capabilities of users, enhances their competitiveness and creativity, and sparks their scientific curiosity.

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