All Dubai schools will need to follow these rules with no exceptions.

In order to offer schools a more clear structure of how the academic year will pan out, the KHDA has announced a new school calendar with rules that can be followed.

Schools will start adapting to the new rules immediately which includes a minimum of 182 school days and “fulfils each curriculum’s academic and examination requirements”. Schools are also allowed to take five days off during the academic year as long as they are taken throughout the year and not added to extend the summer or spring breaks. Regarding public holidays, the schools will follow the announcements made by the UAE government.

The new rules will impact schools especially the British curriculum ones that generally have training days. Training days are usually held on Sundays for the schools to offer training to their teaching staff but these will now have to stop. Should schools still want to make time for this, they will need to do it on the weekends or in between the school schedule provided they do not rearrange the structure. The KHDA is particular about ensuring that the school starts and ends on the dates specified by the KHDA for all semesters.

Schools have been informed that their academic calendars need to be confirmed by the KHDA before they are shared with their student community and failure to comply with all the outlined rules will lead to penalties.

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