In the early days, months and years of a child’s life, parents play an important role in developing a child’s personality, confidence and individuality.

Once children get older, they are exposed to day-care, pre-school and kindergarten, these institutions then take on a part of the responsibility of a child’s development.

A solid foundation in the early years is important for a child’s cognitive development.

Once children move into primary school, a positive and supportive environment in school and at home will help with learning and developing your child’s personality.

Choosing a school that is right for your child and having caring teachers is the key. A good teacher can influence a classroom of students, point them in the right direction and instill good values.

  • Academics

Schools act as educators, training children for the future. Teaching them how to become problem solvers and solution seekers, everything they would need in their professional lives as adults.

Educating Kids

Children need to learn how to interact and mix with other children that are older and younger to them. Schools play a big part in creating a social environment for children, a space where they can meet other peers and develop friendships.

These emotional and social skills are just as vital as academics within a school, building a child’s self-esteem and confidence while also helping them connect with other children and become more empathetic and caring.

  • Exposure

As children move into middle-school and high-school, they continue to get exposed to a range of opportunities – field trips, interactive projects, volunteering, theatre, books, clubs and a lot more.

All of these activities contribute to developing a child’s interests and hobbies that will help shape their future.

In the end parents are the primary caregivers and role models to their children, setting examples, encouraging conversation, curiosity and imagination in a child. We must aim to become our child best and favorite teacher throughout their life.

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