Raising a child can be challenging, every parent follows a different approach based on their child’s personality, traits and interests.

We are often so devoted to our children that we shower them with love, overthinking every aspect of their daily lives to ensure their well-being and happiness.

As a result we give too much and expect too little. As children grow older – this can be a recipe for disaster.

  • Mistakes we often make

With an increase in the number of products available and targeted marketing, children have become more exposed and aware of the things available to them.

Overindulgence is more common than ever before and the expectation on parents to provide is more.

Two-income parents that are juggling work and kids, are often more susceptible to overindulge in order to make up for lost time and guilt.

Protecting Your Child

  • Making a change

Not setting boundaries or limits, and overprotecting children at an early age, will only hinder their early developmental years.

Setting rules and creating structure at home will teach children discipline and help them understand the value of the things they have. It can be a hard transition when children are slightly older, but it is a necessary one.

As your child grows older, they need to learn from their mistakes and face consequences. Sheltering children will only make them dependent in the future.

Teach your child the responsibility they have towards the world and their surroundings, this will make them sympathetic and empathetic.

We need to equip our children with the perspectives and strategies they need to work from weakness to strength.

The hardest job for a parent is to find the perfect balance between being a loving parent and creating set boundaries for their children.

These boundaries will help them develop their character and prepare them for the future.

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