Memory isn’t a talent that we are born with, instead it is an important part of our day to day life.

Building a solid foundation for learning comes from building a solid ground of memory. Good memory skills develop and improve the more we use them and building this will not only help your child do better in school but also perform better at extracurricular activities.

Some of the easiest ways to build a good memory and learning skills is to start at foundation years;

  • Use visual representations: Flashcard games, matching exercises and imagination form very important roles in forming a strong memory. Children who tent to attach a visual image to the learning process tend to learn faster and remember better than the ones who don’t.
  • Encourage Reading: One of the ways to build long-term memory is to encourage active reading habits. Children tend to answer questions or ask them as they read and talking aloud about any topic makes it easier to remember.
  • Multi-sensory Learning: Take a multi-sensory approach to learning by using sight, touch, and sound—read aloud, have a discussion, and use props or touch various textures. Multi-sensory learning techniques can help your child keep information in mind long enough to use it.
  • Association technique: Teach your child to associate between words and images of the material they are learning. This makes it easier to remember, develops a deeper understanding and gives a flow into the learning.
  • Let them create their own examples: Connecting the material to be learnt to personal experience and ideas helps retain memory better. It’s a fun way to learn and helps in learning  quickly.

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