To teach tolerance is to practice tolerance. Living in Dubai, tolerance must come easy to us as we constantly meet and interact with people of diverse cultures and behaviours.

We are lucky that UAE as a country as always promoted tolerance in their governance. So what is Tolerance? In simple terms, tolerance is recognizing and respecting various cultures and differences, beliefs and lifestyles.

Teaching tolerance to your child in today’s conflicted world is very important. They will deal with various kinds of people and need to be empathetic, grounded as well as smart in doing so. Here are few ways to ensure your raising children with tolerance as a part of their everyday habits;

  1. Practice tolerance. As we have said before, nothing works better on your children like modelling for what you’re trying to teach them. Ensure you acknowledge peoples beliefs and cultures that come in contact on a day to day basis like your help or your security guards.
  2. Always let your children know that they are safe and loved. Praise them in front of other people and alone. This will help them grow confident of their own place, culture and likings.
  3. Teach them about new places, people, and cultures. Every new place you travel or new person they meet, tell them about their cultures and behaviours of them.
  4. Introduce them to different books, music, food, and cultural events. Include them in your colleagues or friends cultural party’s or outings especially if they are related to a festival or belief.
  5. Positivity goes a long way in reinforcing tolerance.

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