Teaching children about healthy living is sometimes overwhelming for them to consider, instead when taught about preventing diseases they are more receptive of information. Preventing physical and metal diseases can determine healthy living.

At Education Finder’s we urge you as parents to inculcate some of the following habits in your children to ensure overall and healthy growth;

Physical health is important to be able to function normally and to prevent physical health diseases it’s important to;

  • Exercise is an important aspect in a teen’s life. Their body is growing through changes and to beat any illness a 60 minute exercise routine is a must.
  • Eat healthy diet that comprises of all nutrients. Fruits and vegetables, whole grains and other calcium and mineral sources must be included.
  • 9 hours of sleep which we tend to ignore for our teenagers affect focus and bodily function.
  • Maintain healthy weight as obesity or anorexia is the most common at this age and can lead to depression and panic.

Prevent Disease

Mental health is the most important aspect that we as parents weren’t much aware of a few years back;

  • Study well but don’t stress about academics. Manage stress through counselling and meditation.
  • Teach good relationship values and how these are important in keeping your mind healthy.
  • Maintain balance between their relationships and academic so that it doesn’t affect their mental wellbeing
  • Don’t let them take on too much as overextending them might lead to failure and frustrations

Preventing diseases isn’t difficult if we habituate them with healthy lifestyle from an early age. While as teenagers they may attract habits from peers, they will stick to basics in most situations.

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