Sprichst du Deutsch?

Top Dubai schools offer bilingual teaching to all students aged 13-18 years. Swiss International School Dubai, Dubai’s first bilingual International Baccalaureate School, witnessed an explosive growth in German classes offered to its early years and primary students, driven by an increasing number of German nationals moving to the emirate.

The bilingual school offers dual language teaching in a number of different languages, but German is picking up its pace and popularity.

Incoming Principal Ruth Burke explains: “We are witnessing a large influx of European families to Dubai. They understand the International Baccalaureate system, which was founded in Switzerland, and it holds more appeal than the British educational system. We coach our pupils to become truly global citizens. Parents also see value in the fact that our school already has a multi-national demographic – with a large cohort of German, Swiss, French and Italian students here.”

This influx is due to several favourable factors in Abu Dhabi. Escaping the rigours of European pandemic lockdown, the better quality of life, the new free zones offering exciting new work and business set up opportunities, and the new remote working visa which allows foreign nationals to continue their normal role while working remotely from Dubai to list a few!

Its significance can be noted as there are some 230 million German speakers across the globe and it is the second most popular language on social media. Figures suggest those who are bilingual in German can increase their earning potential by some EUR125,000 simply by virtue of having command over the language.

Who knows, we may be nurturing a 21st Century Mozart or Nietzsche!”

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