The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge ( ADEK ) is requesting parents to avail the free flu vaccine for their children.

With the weather changing and the ongoing pandemic, we are all susceptible to falling under the weather; especially children. To help the families and kids, ADEK has launched a campaign to vaccinate students and their families to help protect them from the seasonal virus. “While efforts are concerted in the community to limit the spread of Covid-19, protecting the health of students and the school community remains our top priority, especially during the seasonal influenza outbreak”, said ADEK.

SEHA too has launched a similar campaign where it is collaborating with the government so that Abu Dhabi residents can avail free flu shots through drive through centers. They can do this by calling SEHA on 80050. For those who are unable to go to the centers can book for the tests to be done at home.

Flu vaccine has been said to be the one of the most effective ways to prevent flu. With schools opening in shifts, it is important that the students and parents alike are kept safe and these flu shots are a step in that direction.

In addition, the authorities have reiterated the need to exercise precaution to stop you from falling sick. So, make sure you regularly wash your hands with water and soap and your homes are cleaned daily especially the surfaces. Yes, by all means go out and enjoy the weather but stay safe and avoid interacting with people who maybe showing symptoms

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