An increasing number of organizations now recognize the benefits and importance of paternity leave, with the concept being implemented by more and more organisations.

The access to paternity leave and making it the rule, not the exception, will lead to more equality at home and in the working world.

This will also give working mothers the opportunity to return to work sooner, and give them the help and support they need to care for a newborn.

Creating that connection with your child is important, the first few weeks of a child’s life is an intense bonding experience for the parents and child.

Working fathers, often miss the special moments and do not have enough time to truly relish the joys of becoming a parent.

Learning about your child, understanding their sleep patterns and even practicing how to read or sing to them, teaches new fathers how to be a more involved ‘parent’ in the years to come.

Father’s that spend more time with their newborns, tend to remain present in the years that follow.

The time spent at home, also gives men an understanding of the roles and responsibilities taken on by a mother.

Stress and complications that a mother experiences in the early days of raising a child can be relieved with another helping hand. A newborn is a challenge, but when both parents share the duties, their partnership becomes even stronger.

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