We’ve looked at some of these great tried and tested, family fun fueled activities which will bring some excitement at home.

Art from scraps

Family Fun in lockdown

An art project that recycles those scraps lying around the house. Create individual drawings or come together to create one large masterpiece. Instead of adding colour with pencils and paint, use old paper scraps and newspapers you’ve been meaning to throw away. Fill the drawing with whatever  you think best expresses the shape you’re filling and voila, you have abstract art. You could even make a mountain of words from old magazines!

Mosaic shells

Mosaic Shells for family fun

If done right, the end result will be your own mosaic handiwork to show off to your guests when they visit at some point in the future. Have ready paint, glue and a good number of eggs to spare. You really can’t go wrong with this one because however you use the shells, the end result will have you feeling like an egg-centric artist.

Board games

Dust down your old games and card decks because this time-tested time filler will spruce up quality time with the folks any day. You can have your own household games marathon. Be warned that it is bound to get really competitive, really fast. So box up anything that can be broken or special before you get your hands dirty.

Tune out the boredom!

Not everyone is a musical maestro, Choose the song your family loves to belt out and reword the lyrics with your own words to fit the tune. Give each member a verse to do and you have your own personalized background score.

Activity pong

You may be familiar with this popular game involving cups arranged at both ends of a table. Two teams compete to get the cups removed by trying to get a ping pong ball into each one. A fun way to play the game with your children is to have a chit in each cup with an activity written on it. Every time you land the ball in a cup, pick someone from the opposite team to do the activity. This is a great way to get each other to agree to chores , for you to burn calories (yes have exercise chits!) and a new way to bond with each other over some silly antics! Its a great family fun activity.

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