Exam season is a dreadful time for you as much as it is for your child. You want your child to excel in every subject and ride hopes to ensure they achieve the best there is out there.

Competition doesn’t make it easier for you either as other parents brag and tip you off to add stress to your child’s already washed up brain.  Here are a few hacks that might help keep your stress in check;

We know you’ve heard enough about creating a timetable for your child and scheduling revisions and off time. You need to create one for yourself first. Keep in mind you need to take care of yourself and your routine to be able to cope with your child’s.

  • Add a hobby to your list (do it when you child is having an off time)

This will keep you from panicking and destress your mind as much as the off time will to your child.

  • Give yourself a 30 min exercise time

Help your body and mind to de-stress. Do this in the morning if possible. Exercising will help you rebalance your energies and keep you from worrying your child further.

  • Get study material and help from other parents before hand

You don’t want to trouble other parents, neither do you want to add to your worries by having a chat with them. They might trigger your or your child’s worries in conversations. Your child doesn’t need to know what their peers are doing or which no of revision they have completed before exams.

  • Focus your stress on their nutrition and well being

They know what they need to do, instead of reiterating a teacher’s job, focus on their nutrition and healthy habits. Put your child on home cooked and balanced meals in advance before exams. No revision will help if your child falls sick during exams.

  • Avoid Over-hyping exams

This isn’t a hack, it’s a life lesson. Your child shouldn’t feel like it’s the end of the world for a bad exam. Make sure your child knows that your love and regard for them is independent of how they perform in exams.

  • Lastly Breathe

Stress is contagious, it will pass on to your child unknowingly and unintentionally. So breathe and take things slow. You need to be stress free to help them strengthen their strongest points.

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