We at Education Finders have just recently grasped how damaging our actions are getting on the planet and ways we can contribute in sustainable living.

While we have in mind that we hand over the planet as we had once enjoyed it to our loved ones, it’s also important to teach them actions that will preserve this further.

Also our actions today may take longer to come into effect and continuing a sustainable way of life will only make life better for the coming generations.

One of the ways we can help make change for our future generations is to educate them from an early age. Start teaching your children about environmental values and eco-friendly practices and model them as well.

Environmentally Smart

Teach them to reuse items, recycle, conserve resources and show compassion for the land and wildlife. Get them involved in clean-up projects on days off as a family activity. Involve them in donating old items for recycling and explain its benefits.

While we are now aware of the grave danger we have brought onto the planet’s survival it is also our duty to teach every child, how important is the nature for our life here on earth, and what to do in order to better protect and respect the environment.

Although schools play a major part in teaching recycling, environmental education starts at home and parents should instil responsible practices before a child goes to school.

You could educate them through videos and from explaining kids the basics of selective recycling and reducing wastage. Help them develop an eco-aware attitude from an early age.

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