Being organised is at the very centre of making sure her child gets the best out of distant learning at Al Mamoura Academy.

Hibba El-Atar’s son is in Year 4 now so Education Finders asks her how she has been proactive in making her son stay on track with his distant learning classes and projects. Hibba shares what has really worked for her during this period of distant learning.

HIbba: I have really learnt to be more organised and have had to create a structured routine for working at home with my children. I am now prepared for all unexpected eventualities, and I started to teach my children to be more independent learners.

This experience has really shown me how demanding and challenging a teacher’s job can be. The entire school is doing an amazing job at working together, and we are very lucky to have such a strong support system to aid our children’s distance learning.

We have a lot of service staff helping us getting through these tumultuous times in addition to our health heroes.

Make sure you take the time to appreciate and champion their efforts!

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