Wikipedia says that climate change occurs when changes in Earth’s climate system result in new weather patterns that last from few decades to maybe for millions of years.

These weather changes go beyond just temperatures, altering entire ecosystems that affect health, food and air quality drastically.

Over the course of the Earth’s existence of 4.5-billion-year, our climate is ever evolving.

What is currently alarming scientists is the rapid warming we witness that cannot be categorized into the usual weather systems that existed few years ago.

Changes that would normally happen over hundreds and thousands of years are happening within decades.

It is said that the global temperatures have recorded being the highest in history and that 17 of the 18 warmest years on record have all taken place since 2001.

We have already plunged our children into a risky and most probably threatening phase of planet earth. So what can we do to help them be future ready?

Climate Change

Educate your children of the climate change and help them make wiser choice growing up to avoid mistakes we and our ancestors have been making.

Although this is a common phenomenon today, it’s surprising how little knowledge or efforts people are taking to reduce them. As your child grows old enough to ask questions about climate change, educate them in small, age-appropriate doses of information.

While we talk about trying to prevent this crisis, it’s also good to start teaching them useful skills that might be helpful should any small or large disaster interrupt the normal flow of life.

Teach them how to prepare for and survive a few days on your own with flashlights, canned foods, and other emergency supplies.

Maybe make this a part of a summer/winter family camping session where they learn to look after themselves and each other under your supervision.

If major disaster occurs your child might want to know how to garden, preserve food, safely gather and filter water, make repairs to a damaged home, sew clothing, provide medical care, install or fix solar arrays, use self-defense techniques, and more.

Each of this requires time and persistence to learn and teach and may be helpful in general for life.

Apart from knowing life preserving skills it’s great to be a part of voting campaigns, writing letters to newspapers or publishers, contacting your local government authority and participating in community groups.

This will help your child learn from you and walk the same steps to help organize and keep safe communities and themselves.

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