Located in Mirdiff, Dubai the first Chinese School is set to open in Septemeber with over 200 students.

The Chinese School Dubai will open with grades up to year 5 in September with over 200 students and has the space to admit up to 2000 students in total. The founding principal Yin Liping has stated that the school will follow the model of the Hangzhou Number Two High School. The school is a prestigious institution and is one of the top three high schools in Hangzhou, China.

The principal is confident that following the Hangzhou’s curriculum will help establish a high standard for students of Dubai to opt to, as the curriculum has a long heritage of having been launched 120 years ago.

Chinese School Dubai

According to a press statement, “China and the UAE have had a close long-standing friendship and there’s no better symbol for that friendship than a school,” said Dr Abdulla Karam, director-general of the KHDA.  “The Chinese School will be the heart of the Chinese community in Dubai and will foster a rich exchange of teaching and learning opportunities with other schools in Dubai. We are honoured that the first Chinese curriculum school outside of China is opening in Dubai. We look forward to the new possibilities and connections this will bring to our education community.”

The school’s focus will be on new information and incorporating innovative techniques to help pupils cope with international standards. The Chinese School is the first overseas school to get financial support from the Chinese government and has said that all nationalities are encouraged to apply for admission as the syllabus is balanced to work globally.

Considering the steady increase of Chinese expatriates living in the UAE owing to the business ventures and investments in UAE’s different sectors the school was a subsequent move to ensure that the families feel accommodated should they prefer a school with their home curriculum.

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