After the cancellation of Board Exams, students can now begin their University journey by submitting Pre-board or Provisional High School results.

A new scholarship grant for upto 50% off on tuition fees is offered by the Capital University College, One-to-one sessions being held to develop a strong student application.

A new admission route has been established by the Capital University College, regulating and operating higher educational institutions since 1998, under the name ASPIRE | APPLY | ADMIT.

In this route, students can opt-in for a three way method to begin their higher education journey. Through this route, the University accepts provisional or pre-board results to evaluate performances and send out offer letters.

Aligning with admissions students can also support their application by extracurriculars and various other certifications. In addition, students can also support their application with a compelling personal statement stating their interests, hobbies, goals and how this program can benefit in the long-run. With the current scenario, the University is taking actions to make it simpler for students to apply for desired programs.

Capital University College

Through this quick and hassle-free admissions route, students can easily enrol for a range of programs including, top-ranked UK Bachelors degree in Business, Level 3 Diploma, an American Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or even creative programs like Fashion or Interior Design.

With a  fee waiver of 50%, Capital University College is also offering a list of scholarship programs in order to support parents and children in these difficult times.

If you are looking to kickstart their University life, one of the popular programs is Capital’s Level 3 Diploma. Alternatively, students who are looking to specialize in business and its multifold facets, are welcome to enrol in the highly popular program – BA (Hons) in Business.

Not to forget, Capital University College has also added a program for all with a creative flair – a Professional Diploma in Interior Design, Fashion Design and Make-Up in technical collaboration with the UK’s reputed London College of Arts. Students are welcome to apply for this 6-months rigorous program with a practical approach to learning.

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