Having a baby can be a crazy ride, but don’t fret as it doesn’t last long. To make this fleeting time in you and your baby’s life a bit smoother, so you can focus on those precious cuddles & kisses, Education Finders has looked at 10 parenting hacks which will help you along your way.

  • Teething can get frustrating for the adults as well, spread some applesauce on a clean cloth, then roll it up and freeze it. You’ll have a soothing and yummy distraction ready in no time.
  • Use a bit of coconut / almond oil on your baby’s tush. This will work as a moisturiser from the harsh diapers as well as making clean up super easy.
  • For babies who don’t want to take medicine, use a pacifier that has a very large slit and is similar to your baby’s favourite pacifier. It’s perfect for putting the medicine dropper in and your stubborn baby will be soothed while also being duped into taking their medicines.
  • Don’t keep your new born awake for longer than 90 mins as new born needs plenty of sleep. While it’s tempting to want to keep your baby awake because you think they’ll sleep through the night that way, it doesn’t exactly work that way.

First Time Parenting Hacks

  • If you’re trying to wake up your baby in the middle of a feed, try opening their onesie or diaper. Letting some cool air hit their bare skin should wake your baby right up.
  • For working parents keep your bathrobe / night robe on over your work clothes, until you walk out the front door. This will help you avoid any morning messes and you won’t have to waste time changing an entire outfit.
  • Being a parent is an addition to an already busy life. Use apps to help you organise like location-based reminder apps. Some of these apps alert/remind you to do things when around in the location.
  • For teething or drooling babies, lay several thin bibs so you only have to pull out the dirty ones without getting them cranky before you put a new one on them.
  • Make your own baby food. This is healthy and pocket friendly for your little ones.
  • Lastly sneak in those veggies and fruits in their food to get them natural nutrition. Blend veggies into a smoothie with their favourite fruit for picky eaters.

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