Did you know that anxiety affects 1 in 8 children worldwide? Parents are often under the impression that their children need to overcome anxiety, however helping children learn to manage it is key. We’ve put together some fun activities that can help with anxiety.

  • Art is a great way to get your mind off stressful situations and what better than a coloring book. Whether it’s a simple doodle or intricate floral designs, coloring books are available at all bookstores, and suitable for adults and children of all ages.
  • Daily journaling can calm you down and help you think positively. Putting your thoughts on paper is good to process what you are thinking and feeling. Make it habit and not a task.
  • You may notice that when your body is tense, you hold your breath. Focusing on breathing is a common but effective technique for calming the nerves. From calmly breathing in and out to counting down numbers and meditation, anxiety can be managed using a range of easy coping techniques that focus on your breathing.
  • Enlist in acting lessons or join a theatre group. Stepping out of your comfort zone not only helps build confidence but it’s also the perfect avenue to meet new people and express yourself. Check out Courtyard Playhouse in Al Quoz for more information on their unique and interactive improvised kids’ theatre performances.
  • Find your zen. Children’s yoga has been linked with growing confidence, better results in school, stress management and more. The child’s pose, tree pose and warrior pose aim to create an overall sense of the balance, within the mind and body.
  • Put together a custom playlist of tunes that you can listen to through the day. As you continue to listen to music, you may slowly notice a significant decrease to stress and axiety. Classical or instrumental music are known to be beneficial in keeping calm and focused.
  • The benefits of exercise are indisputable. Sign up for swimming, gymnastics, basketball, cricket, volleyball, badminton, table tennis… the list goes on. Engage in some form of physical activity to channel your nervousness.
  • Play the 5-5-5 game. Look around you and name 5 things you can see and hear, then move 5 parts of your body you can feel. When anxious, play this game to get your mind and body to relax.
  • Invest in essential oils. Lavender oil in particular is known for its healing properties. Breathe it in or massage it into your temples when you need a boost of peace.

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